WFMW- cloth diapers

I used disposable diapers for my first 3 and cloth diapers for the last 3.  I wish someone had sat me down and told me all of the great reasons for using cloth diapers so that is what I am doing!  You can save tons of money.  I have spent a grand total of $150-$170 on 3 babies.   I don’t even want to think how much I spent for the disposables for 3 kids.  Yikes!

To help with any smell just sprinkle a coat of baking soda on the bottom of the diaper pail.  Not only does this help absorb odor but it also helps to get the diapers cleaner. 

Doing a rinse cycle before the wash cycle will help to get diapers cleaner as well.

Hanging diapers in the sun to dry will help to brighten them and kill any bacteria that may be on them.  I use warm water to wash but I like to make sure they are clean and getting rid of any chance of bacteria is great.

I even use cloth diapers when we are on vacation or heading off to see family.  I have a medium sized (will hold 3 pairs of shoes) tub with a locking lid.  It fits easily in the back of the van to put the diapers in.  Baking Soda in the bottom of this will do wonders.  We just got back from WI and it was not a problem at all!

Don’t forget that cloth diapers are healthier for babies and most babies who wear cloth diapers also potty train sooner.  That is always a good thing. 🙂

All for His glory, ~Rhen

PS- I got my diapers from a WAHM at  They are very thick, absorbant, fits newborn to 40 pounds and so simple dads will change them too!!!  They are by far my favorites.  Here are the ones I bought.  She will put them as the special periodically.  You can find her diapers on Ebay too!

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12 responses to “WFMW- cloth diapers

  1. Thanks! I am looking into cd’ing my next child. This sure helps to know it’s so cheap and easy. I have used disposables on my first two. Yuck! Lot’s of money down the drain.

  2. I love cloth diapering too! Everytime I wash and fold a load of diapers I think about how I’ve not sent a bunch of disposables to the landfill. I have #3 and #4 still in diapers right now. I can’t imagine how much money I’d be shelling out! I’ve bought disposables for travel and vacations and I’m amazed at how costly they are. Great WFMW tip!

  3. Another cloth fan here!🙂 DD is in panties now, but I’m eager to get pregnant again to use my cute diapers more.

  4. Loved cloth diapers!! Way awesome and sooo adorable!!!!!

  5. I’m impressed! I was totally gung ho on the whole cloth diaper idea when I was pregnant with #1. Better for the baby, better for the enviroment, cheaper. I used them for about a week, then someone bought me a pack of Huggies. That was the end of my cloth diaper days… never, and I mean NEVER did I use cloth again. See how easily my convictions can be swayed (; ~Karlie

  6. We cloth diaper too- and I *love* it! I wouldn’t do it any other way.

  7. I used cloth diapers on my youngest. You do save a lot of money, not to mention some of the cloth diapers are just so darn cute!

  8. Me too, me too! Love cloth diapers!

  9. *sigh*

    I get frustrated by exactly what you did in this post.

    You say how little you spent on diapers, and then link to the (type of) most expensive diapers out there.

    I’ve used both CDs and disposies (home life getting more under control means we’re swinging back to cloth soon), and *know* that CDs are *either* as easy as disposies *or* less-expensive.

    With the 8-40lb dypes on that site you linked costing $16.50 I don’t know how you pulled this off for under $200.

    I like CDing. I like how “honorable” it makes me feel. I think this is why God gave me 2 kids that (periodically) couldn’t handle them (yes I’ve done my homework– I can explain further if anyone cares).

    I know I could too easily “judge” people who “choose convenience over [fill-in-the-blank]” if I didn’t get knocked off my high horse every now and then.

    The dual perspective has made me (can you guess?) just a little defensive– of me and of the inundated new moms and moms-to-be who get the cloth-diapering line like a second gospel.


    Every time we love something that has an opposite we run the risk of sounding critical of those who don’t think like us, and I’m the last person who’ll say you should try to keep everybody happy.

    I’m sure being anything negative wasn’t your intent, but I do wish people would stop promoting modern CDs as both cheap and easy.

    Of course, if you can prove me wrong, I’d be the first in line (if I didn’t have all mine already).😉

    Edited by Rhen to say: I guess you really didn’t look all that hard at the diaper site as I bought 12 for 96.00 and shipping was free. That is roughly, what, 7.50 each or so (and she included several washable wipes and inserts)? There are many kinds of CD out there and you can go as high as 30 bucks each for people with children who have sensitivities and the money to do so. A little research easily shows the different makers out there and the different styles and different prices. So I continue to say they are relatively cheap. I don’t care if someone chooses to to use disposable or CD’s -to each her own. I was simply putting out there my experiences with both and my happiness with the CD’s. Many people don’t even know that CD’s don’t have to be pinned anymore. (I didn’t) What is wrong with helping those who are interested in CD’s getting more info? I in no way judge anyone for their diaper choices and for anyone to do so is ridiculous. For goodness sakes- THEY ARE DIAPERS!!! I, when I was a new mom, couldn’t find a lick of info and wish someone had told me and showed me my options. I would love to have used the CD’s for my first 3 as well but I don’t feel bad about using disposables. That is what I chose at the time. Like I said, a little research to the site I provided and others will show you can buy really good CD’s for about 6.50 each and up from there. I got a few on Ebay as well. You find great prices there. You can make them if you choose to. Does that make me a bad CD person for not making my own? Anyway, if someone is interested in CD’s I encourage them to check them out. If you are not interested then I really liked Luvs. The were more affordable and didn’t sag the way Huggies do. I hope no one else thinks I am condemning moms for using disposables. All I ask is please don’t leave them in buggies at the store. Just throw them away! Ewwww!🙂

  10. You’re right that I didn’t look very deep– I just saw the front page dypes at prices I recognized and thought, Oh great, I’ve seen these before.

    That is a really good price– less than what I bought my Kissaluvs seconds for. It’s the first time I’ve seen fitteds that cheap and I’m definitely bookmarking that.

    I ran the numbers about 3 1/2 years ago on the stuff I could find at that time, and until I found the 2nds store the fitteds (what DH wanted) were emphatically more expensive than the cheap club dypes we were buying.

    And I can see my “rant disclaimer” wasn’t enough. I wasn’t trying to be nasty either– I’ve just heard this line so many times, and it frustrated me– probably b/c I wan’t able to save any money. I basically found a system that would allow me to break even with one kid (so it was for the environment, not my pocketbook) but no better if one or less couldn’t be kept in them.

    And then my 1st two kids were “dribblers” that literally would not stay dry for 15-minutes (we set a timer and changed them way-frequently to confirm this), which was a bad combination with their sensitive skin.


    Anyway, I still encourage new moms to do it, just to go in eyes wide open and look at the options and costs.

    (We bought a bunch more than a dozen, too, but we had three in dypes at once, so we probably couldn’t have got away with that few)

    Anyway, I really didn’t mean to start a fight– I’m obviously behind the curve and now that I’ve seen they exist I can relax a bit😉

    Blessings on your day!

    Edited by Rhen` Thank you. I have been blessed that as the next one was born the previous was potty training and no longer needed diapers. My babies are almost 6 mos, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10. God blessed us with not having 2 in diapers at the same time. I have 15 diapers that I rotate and wash every 3rd day. I guess if I wanted to wash a load only once a week I would buy more but I already am doing laundry so it is no big deal. CD’s are getting more and more reasonable and I know of many different women who make their own with a pattern. More power to them but I just don’t have the time right now! LOL One good hint- is that wool inserts (soakers) actually wick away moisture from baby for the “tinklers” who seem to never stop dribbling. That was my baby for the first 4 months. Now she is getting much better and not wetting until her bladder is full. PTL!

  11. Man, I wish I had known it was this easy when my kids were still in diapers. I was just too grossed out by the “yucky” factor but you make it sound like it’s completely do-able.

    Edited by Rhen- CD’s are now shaped just like disposables and they are fitted to hold in messes. I simply unsnap and deposit the diaper in my diaper pail and put the lid back on.

  12. Just wanted to add that the initial cost of cloth dypes is or well, can be crazy. However, ESPECIALLY if you take good care of them and plan on having several kids, you will save TONS of cash in the long term.

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