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Getting Creative with History

This is our first year using History Revealed! Ancient Civilizations and the Bible by Diana Waring for our history studies, and we love it!

My absolute favorite aspect is that she very completely covers all of the learning styles to help kids not just learn, but to absorb history.

We have read along as we listened to Mrs. Waring read and give fantastic commentary on Creation and the Flood.  This has helped the Middles and the Bigs better develop their note taking skills.

The older kids and I have had some very interesting conversations as we have looked deeper via critical questioning.

The kids had a lot of fun as they tackled different research and reporting projects.  We learned so much more about genealogy, metallurgy, timelines, and animal husbandry.

The mapping assignment lead us down several paths:  physical terrain, geo-political, and exploration of possible event locations.

We have further immersed ourselves in this study with music, cooking, art appreciation, and architecture.  Wow!

The final challenge of this chapter was for the kids to show what and how much they have learned through self-expression.

The self-expression projects have got to be listed as number one on my list of favorites.  I laughed at their antics; I clapped for their presentations; I was charmed by their creativity; and I was thrilled to see just how many details and interesting points they were able to remember and clearly show in their projects.  What a fantastic way for the kids to each be challenged on their own levels.

Ms. Serious chose to do three projects:  create an interpretive dance describing Noah being called by God, building the ark, warning people, the flood, and departing the ark to a new world.

This is the song she chose to dance to.

Her other two projects were designing a t-shirt that would be worn by Noah and his family after the flood, and she wrote an article for a fictitious newspaper as if she were interviewing Noah about the monstrosity he was building in his yard.

The back of Ms. Serious' t-shirt.

Young Man’s (12) two projects he chose were to design also design a t-shirt for Noah’s family, and his second project was to choose 5 animals, 5 bugs, 5 dinosaurs, 5 amphibians, and 5 reptiles and rename them taking care to think of their traits and habits.  My favorite:  slug- snotigus.  That is just so appropriate.

Ms. Firecracker (11) two projects she chose were to write four journal entries from the viewpoint of a sick giraffe, and the second was the renaming 5 of each of the critters listed (same as Young Man).  They were not allowed to collaborate on the names.  My favorite name she came up with:  Komodo Dragon- acid stalker.

A couple small excerpts from the journal entries she wrote:

“Day 2.  I woke up this morning feeling terribly sick to my stomach.  I just don’t feel good.  All of this rocking back and forth is making me sick.  The hyenas are always laughing.  I hope that stops.”

“Day 47.  Ugh.  I am tired of being seasick.  I am tired of hearing the hyenas laughing.  All night long they just keep laughing.  What on earth do they think is so funny? …”

Finally, Ms Lovebug (9) chose creating animals from the Ark out of clay and illustrating a book for young children.  She was able to use her new art set!

One of Ms. Lovebug's illustrations of the animals on the Ark.

Two of Ms. Lovebug's colorful creations.

I am just as excited to jump into the next chapter as the kids are!

What do you use for history?

In God’s mighty hands,


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*I was not asked to write this post as a review for History Revealed!, nor was I compensated in any way.  I wrote this because of the fun we have had learning through this curriculum, and because it has been such a great tool to use with such a wide range of ages and grade levels in our home.  I am more than happy to answer any questions you have for me about this curriculum, or any curriculum we use.  Email me at cottonblossom424 at yahoo dot com.